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    We are no longer accepting orders for this year.

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    We are no longer accepting orders for this year.

About Us

Aamoré Alphonsos are a celebration of love for mangoes. Each bite is a celebration of nature's finest fruit, lovingly cultivated to perfection.

Our fruit is produced with love and care at the finest Alphonso orchards in the country. Aamoré is a brand owned by Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company Limited, which works closely with farmers to maximize the quality of their produce.

At Aamoré, we firmly believe in fair compensation for the dedication of our farmers. Through direct access to consumers, we empower farmers to receive the equitable value they deserve for delivering an unparalleled Alphonso experience.

  • Global GAP Certified

    Promotes safe, sustainable farming through certifications for quality, food safety, and market access for producers.

  • Phytosanitary Certification

    Meets high plant health standards, ensuring pest-free, disease-resistant quality, in compliance with global trade regulations.

  • GI Tagged

    Rigorously authenticated to preserve the genuine experience, distinguishing them from misleading look-alikes.

  • Scanned and Traceable

    Scanning to minimise spongy tissue, promising an unparalleled fruit-eating experience.

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